“Doc” Dancer, Inc. offers a wide variety of Bryant Gas Furnaceheating equipment to meet your every need and keep you toasty warm on the coldest of days. Whether you need an 80% efficiency furnace, a high efficiency 90+ modulating furnace, a heat pump, or a new complete geothermal heating & cooling system, the “Doc” can diagnose your heating ailments so you can make an educated and well-informed decision for the comfort of your family.

Bryant Furnaces

“Doc” Dancer is proud to offer Bryant as their main HVAC product line. Bryant has been manufacturing high quality Heating & Cooling products since 1904.  “Doc” Dancer offers Bryant Gas Furnaces that are up to 98.3% efficient.  “Doc” Dancer and Bryant – doing “Whatever it Takes” to make sure you’re comfortable in your home!

the Bryant Brand

 Lochinvar Knight Boilers

Lochinvar Knight BoilerSince its introduction in 2005, the KNIGHT modulating-condensing heating boiler has consistently delivered everything you need for total comfort and long-term savings on energy costs. click here for more information on these boilers.

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