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What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

As your heating and cooling system sends air through your ducts, debris from the air can become trapped, greatly reducing the quality of your air. The ducts can also gather dirt and rodent droppings, and if moisture is trapped in them, they can grow mold. When you get your air ducts cleaned, we will take a look inside your ducts and determine the best solution for clearing them out. We will then perform air duct restoration and air vent restoration to get them back into their previous condition so the air that flows through them is clean and healthier to breathe.

Once your air ducts are clean and clear, we apply an air duct lining that will help keep them in that condition for much longer, greatly improving the quality of the air in your home or business. This in-slab air duct lining will prevent the growth of mold and ensure nothing builds up within the ducts so you can breathe better air. This process will reduce your need for air duct cleaning and provide the environment you deserve.

Your indoor air quality is affected by the cleanliness of your air ducts. The Duct Armor solution will leave your air ducts cleaner, resulting in healthier air for your home or business. We can perform in-ground air duct repair, air duct restoration, and more. Our in-slab air duct lining will help protect your ducts and ensure safer air.

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Duct Armor for Your Fort Wayne Home

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We’re VERY excited to announce the addition of Duct Armor to the “Doc’s” IAQ (indoor air quality) tool bag! Duct Armor is a RUBBERIZED DUCT LINER process that coats the ductwork internally with a membrane that creates a brand-new, completely clean surface inside the existing duct.

Duct Armor is perfect for:

  • In-Slab Ductwork – If your home is on a slab and has in-slab ductwork that has deteriorated or rusted, or contains water and moisture, this product is a more cost-effective solution to the expensive, messy, and time-consuming process of rerouting ductwork overhead. Duct Armor is specifically designed to restore your deteriorating ductwork to better-than-new condition.
  • Allergen Reduction – Your ducts may be making you sick. Fully lined, clean air ducts can make a dramatic difference in your family’s health.
  • Eliminating Smoke Odor – Completely eliminate any smoke odors in your ducting, even after duct cleaning and sanitizing have failed to do so.
  • Leaky Overhead Metal Ductwork – This ductwork seals air leaks and encapsulates dangerous fibers from breaking away and entering the airstream.

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Duct Armor Before and After

Aeroseal Duct Sealing in Fort Wayne

Aeroseal is the latest in air duct sealing technology in the Ft. Wayne area. It’s great for homes with older ducts and for homes that are positive their energy bills keep going up, but nothing seems to fix the issue!

  • On average, 30 cents of every dollar you spend on heating and cooling your home disappears into thin air due to leaky ducts.
  • Leaks in your ductwork pull mold, dust, and other pollutants into your home, presenting indoor air quality issues and/or aggravating allergy problems.
  • Nearly 50% of the average home’s energy bill is spent on heating and air conditioning. Duct leakage in homes costs consumers $25 billion each year.
  • Leaks contribute to safety issues relating to back-drafting of gas appliance fumes, auto exhaust, and radon gas into your living space.

Signs You Need Aeroseal in Your Home

If you’re wondering if you could benefit from having Aeroseal in your home, we can assist you. We recommend Aeroseal if you’re experiencing:

  • Uncomfortably hot or cold rooms
  • Excessive humidity
  • Excessive dust
  • Musty odors or fume smells
  • Increasing energy bills

“Doc” Dancer has the remedy! We are the FIRST company in Northeastern Indiana to offer Aeroseal. It’s a sealant system that pinpoints and covers duct leaks from the inside out with a success rate of up to 98%. This product is a perfect addition to “Doc’s” tool bag to help you enjoy better comfort, lower energy costs, and improved air quality.

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Want to learn more about Aeroseal? Click this link for a short video and explanation of the Aeroseal process.

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Air Duct Sealing & Duct Armor Cost

Air duct sealing combined with an air duct cleaner can do wonders for the air quality in your home. Duct Armor is a highly effective air duct cleaner that goes to work eliminating dirt and preventing mold and other contaminants from taking hold. This helps keep the air clean and clear in your home and ensure that allergies don’t flare up. It also helps protect your ducts so they don’t need to be replaced, and saves you money on your monthly energy costs, making these services well worth the investment.

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