Okay, so we're not medical doctors at "Doc" Dancer. But we are a "doctor" of sorts when it comes to diagnosing your heating, air conditioning, water heater, and air treatment equipment sicknesses and prescribing a treatment or cure. And you have to admit, if your home's air isn't comfortably warm or cool, or free of allergens, the health of you and your family members may suffer. Below are some tips on how to tell a good doctor from a poor one. While it is a very helpful list for selecting a good physician, we think some of the tips will also help you pick a good contractor or "doctor" for your furnace & air conditioning. (Okay...maybe we're taking the doctor analogies a little too far, but we still think the tips below provide great information for choosing a doctor!)

How to Tell a Good Doctor from a Poor One

  1. doctor2They do not shoot from the hip: Good physicians wait before forming an opinion. A good physician completes an examination, using a diagnostic procedure, before drawing a conclusion. Good physicians do not make shallow diagnoses.
  2. They are humble: Physicians are very bright people. Neurologists and other specialists are among the sharpest of the lot. The best physicians know they are gifted, but they never lose their sense of humility. No matter how gifted they may be, they are not omnipotent and know it.
  3. They are not afraid to admit it when they don't know: From time to time, even the best doctors are stumped. Because good doctors are not omnipotent and retain a sense of humility, they are not afraid of admitting they simply don't know. It doesn't mean they give up, only that they do not have the answer.
  4. They treat each individual as an individual: Good physicians treat every individual uniquely. They treat them as people, not illnesses. They show respect and understanding. They give personal care and attention.
  5. They listen, actively: Good doctors listen actively, with intensity, and with patience. They lock onto the patient and pay attention. They probe and ask for clarification to confirm their understanding.
  6. They involve the patient in the treatment: Treating a neurological problem is different from setting a broken arm. It's not as straight forward. The best neurologists ask what the patient thinks, gives the patient choices, makes recommendations and defers to the patient's preferences.
  7. They respect the patient's knowledge: With a world of information available via the Internet and diligence, it's entirely possible that a patient may find some useful information the physician hasn't considered. A good doctor will not readily dismiss this, but welcome it. Moreover, good doctors facilitate the patient's quest for knowledge.
  8. They will take the extra step: Good physicians go to bat for their patients and take the extra step to give you the best possible care. They consult with colleagues, locally and around the country.

List compiled by: Matt Michel, Service Roundtable © used with permission

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