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Fort Wayne, IN Furnace Replacement

Trustworthy Furnace Replacement Service in Fort Wayne, IN

We rely on our gas and electric furnaces to provide our homes with sufficient heating to last us through the winter. But when a faulty furnace is past the point of repair, the need to stay comfortable in your home can suddenly seem overwhelming. When your home’s furnace needs replacement service, you’ll need a knowledgeable HVAC contractor to help address the situation.

“Doc” Dancer Heating & Air is Fort Wayne’s top choice for HVAC services. Proudly serving Indiana families for 75 years, our business has what it takes to deliver prompt, efficient, long-lasting new furnace installation services to your home. No matter the issue, our experts will work to get to the bottom of it and provide the necessary solution.

We’ve acquired customers throughout the Fort Wayne area and beyond. When your furnace needs replacement, give the experts at Doc Dancer a phone call at (260) 250-2981 to schedule a FREE, no-obligation quote today.

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Signs Your Fort Wayne Furnace Needs Replacement

Unfortunately, electric and gas furnaces aren’t built to last forever. Homeowners need to recognize the signs when it’s time for Fort Wayne heating system replacement services. Why not be proactive when it comes to considering furnace system installation service? The following are some signs that your furnace may need to be replaced with a new one:

  • Your furnace system is at least 12 to 15 years old.
  • There’s been a sudden spike in your utility bill.
  • You’ve had to call for repairs more often in the past few years.
  • Your house never seems to get warm enough.
  • Your unit is making strange noises or giving off odd odors.

One indication that something’s wrong with your heating system is if your furnace’s burner flame is burning yellow or flickering. If you notice a yellow burner and your family has experienced headaches, nausea, or other flu-like symptoms, go outside and contact 911 immediately! Then, feel free to call our phone number at (260) 250-2981 for an immediate assessment of your furnace.

These symptoms indicate that your furnace could be leaking poisonous carbon monoxide gas, which places you and your loved ones at serious risk. A potential carbon monoxide leak should be taken very seriously.

Furnace Replacement for Fort Wayne Families

When preparing for your new furnace replacement service, it helps to know how much it will cost. At “Doc” Dancer, our team has a wide variety of high-quality products available to suit virtually any budget. We’ll work closely with you to help match you with the optimal heating and cooling solution for your home service needs, while taking into account your budget.

During your service, “Doc” Dancer’s HVAC technicians will evaluate the size of your current unit as compared to the square footage of your living space. This evaluation will help us ensure that your new unit will bring back the level of comfort you’ve come to expect in your household. Our professional team of heating and air conditioning experts will then install your new unit for improved comfort and performance in your Fort Wayne residence.

Emergency Furnace Replacement Services

We understand that installation service needs can pop up at the most inconvenient times, leaving you without heat in the dead of winter. Whether your emergency occurs after normal business hours or on a holiday, a breakdown of your home’s heating equipment can cause a significant amount of stress.

That’s why we provide 24-hour emergency furnace installations and repairs for all your urgent home service needs. Our company is available 24/7 for any heating, air conditioning, or indoor air quality emergency that comes your way. Call us the moment that you need emergency service for your furnace, heat pump, or other type of HVAC unit.

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For 75 years, our heating and cooling company has provided quality, efficient, reliable furnace maintenance, repairs, and installation services to any location within the northeastern Indiana area. Offering a wide range of top-rated Bryant® products, we’ll match you with the best unit for your home comfort needs and budget. If any questions arise throughout the process, we offer the best customer service in the Fort Wayne area. Don’t hesitate to contact us with whatever questions might come to you.

When an emergency occurs, we can provide temporary heat to keep you warm and to protect your household until we can install your new heating system. Give us a phone call today for furnace installation, repair, or regular maintenance service that your home can count on. We’re taking COVID-19 precautions as well to keep your family safe.

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