Fort Wayne, IN, Heat Pump Service

Trust "Doc" Dancer with Your Home's Heat Pump

Fort Wayne, IN, residents know we can experience harsh winters coupled with unbearably hot summers. Therefore, you need to ensure that your heat pump is in perfect working condition.

If you are experiencing any issues with your heating or cooling system, it is essential to get it diagnosed by a professional. Here at “Doc” Dancer Heating & Air, we’ll make sure you won’t get left in the middle of a polar vortex with inadequate heating or in the sweltering heat of summer without cooling. Call the “Doc” today to diagnose and treat your heat pump.

Heat Pump Repair Service in Fort Wayne, IN

“Doc” Dancer Heating & Air is available to perform any heat pump repair service that you may require in Fort Wayne, IN. We will always do our best to repair your heat pump when it makes sense based on age and repair expenses. In those situations where the cost of repairs isn’t justified due to the age, we can provide a FREE, no obligation estimate to replace your heat pump.

The most common heat pump problems we repair include:

  • Broken reversing valves
  • Electrical failures
  • Refrigerant leaks

Our technicians have experience to diagnose and repair a wide range of heat pump brands.

Is your heat pump system not performing at its best, and are you unsure what is wrong? Please give us a call. We will perform a comprehensive inspection and repair your Fort Wayne, IN, heat pump unit. Our technicians are ready to work with your schedule. Call to make an appointment today.

Signs Your Heat Pump Is Broken

Keep your eye out for the following issues before they balloon into even more significant problems:

  • Inconsistent cold or warm air output could be an indication of an issue with the refrigerant levels or compressor.
  • An unexpectedly high energy bill may be due to many things, including restricted airflow, a dirty air filter, low refrigerant or bad electrical connections.
  • If your unit switches off randomly, delays start up, or turns on and off frequently, it puts stress on the heat pump compressor.
  • Noises or smells that seem out of place. These may indicate internal problems in your unit. Please do not ignore these symptoms because they may worsen over time or damage your heat pump.
  • Excessive noise from the outdoor unit can be an indication of potential failure.

At the first sign of any of these problems, call Doc Dancer. We will diagnose the problem and repair your system.

Heat Pump Installation Service in Fort Wayne, IN

If your heat pump is beyond repair, we will help you make a decision on a new unit. We will thoroughly discuss your options to ensure that you receive the best unit to suit YOUR needs.

The right fit for a heat pump depends on the household size, existing infrastructure, windows and insulation in your home. If you have an all-electric home, a heat pump will save you money over LP gas. Our comfort specialists will walk you through your range of options.

We know that not all models are equally appropriate for a home, and we will use our expertise to ensure that you select the right one for your family. Once you decide on the ideal heat pump, we will take care of installation promptly and efficiently using quality craftsmanship.

We will have your new heat pump up and running as soon as possible so that your family stays comfortable.

When Should I Replace My Heat Pump?

Generally, you may need to start considering replacement of a heat pump that is more than 12 years old. With consistent professional maintenance and care, your unit may last 15 years or longer. If you have an older home, or your appliance has passed the 12-year mark, give us a call and we can assess your heat pump’s condition.

Are you experiencing any problems with your heat pump? Call “Doc” Dancer Heating & Air today. We have been a trusted team for heat pump repair and installation service in Fort Wayne, Indiana, since 1946. We look forward to adding you to our list of valued, satisfied customers.

Contact us today to book a heat pump inspection!